New book?

If you haven’t bought the current encyclopedia… you should. This will be the last one of it’s kind. Will I stop writing? Nope, never! I’m currently working on a new book. “The History of Swedish Hard Rock”. The book will feature, not only the chronological history and development of the...

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Fuzz Guitar Show!

This Saturday, May 14, I will be on the annual Fuzz Guitar Show in Gothenburg. Besides hanging out with my friends at True Temperament and VGS, I will also be selling and signing my latest encyclopedia (in case you don’t already have it). See you there!

Signings in Japan

Hi all! I’ve just returned from a fantastic trip to Japan, where I signed books and met some wonderful people at Rock Stakk Records in Osaka, and Disk Union in Shinjuku and Ochanomizu. If you’d like a copy of the book, you will find it there. Also, we are hopefully...

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To order the new book!

Finally “The Heaviest Encyclopedia Of Swedish Hard Rock And Heavy Metal Ever” is now released and available! To order your copy, check here: Sweden Premium Publishing TPL Ginza Adlibris Bokus Bokia Ord & Bok UK Turnaround Amazon USA Amazon Japan Amazon Germany Amazon  

Some news on Volume III

Yes, I know, I’ve been waaaay too quiet. But, there’s good news, well, GREAT news to follow: 1. I’m currently putting the finishing touches on the layout for my third encyclopedia!!! 2. It will be released in October this year!! 3. It will be 9 0 0 pages!!!! 4. It...

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