Here are some corrections of error found in the latest encyclopedia.

The band Nestor are from Falköping, but they studied in Göteborg. They were also featured on the compilation “Beyond The Gothenburg Sound”.

The Petter Karlsson in the index should be the same for Distorted Wonderland as in Therion. He also sings some lead vocals in Therion. He has never really played with Notre Dame, only Snowy Shaw solo. He also plays drums on four tracks on the Flintstens Med Stanley CD. He has however never played with Sobre Nocturn.
Petter Karlsson: Therion,


Some errors on the bonus CD:
The song by AMBUSH is called: “Don’t Shoot (Let Him Burn)”
The song writing credits for the Ice Age song should be: (Music: Nyström/Kihlstrand/Lyrics: Nyström)
The band Hellacoaster should be HOLOCOASTER and they are from Stockholm.

I  missed including the CD “White Trash Stomp” by M.O.B.

For some unknown reason I missed one band from the previous book: Turning Leaf. They should of course have been included.